Saturday, July 31, 2010

Friends are friends....

My Dearest Friends,
"Through there are more women in life, but mom is special, Though there are 365 day in a year this day is special because of YOU."

Searching a quote from search engine (I hate to say Googling) to describe about good friendship, But not quite enough.

I search "best friends" in Google, It shows ....Turner & Hooch, Thelma & Louise, Sam & Frodo, Shrek & Donkey, Timone & Pumba, Tom Sawyer & Huck Finn, Ricky Bobby & Hal, Forrest & Bubba.. The list continues....
What to do with 81,000,000 results???. It does not show mine and yours name.(Thats why I hate Google).

So I decided to define my own(This does not mean I am searching in bing).

"The meaning of relation between you and your Friends cant be define by someone else unless you feel yourself". (
©, binging too will not yield any result)

There are thousand miles away from you, but I could not forget the good moments I had, happiness I enjoyed, cheers I shared.

Happy to got you as my friend.
The luckiest & happiest

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