Saturday, June 23, 2012


Nightlife #1

Dont know how much I drunk? But still felt I am able to go few more rounds. The blasting music, disco lights, the sexiest DJs and much more in the nightclub
The moment I felt the marriage and relationships are burden

Nightlife #2

It was a typical day, I was as usual running on the river side to keep my weight does not break weight machine. It was a full moon day 11 pm, but looked like a day time.
I was thinking about nothing and enjoying the breeze that refreshes my sweat body.
Where did this come from? Yes, some one is laughing like a child. I am curious and looked around. There was a couple laid down on the grass, looking at the moon, laughing more than a minute for the word they speak.
They are talking, laughing, teasing, playing...
The moment I regret for not getting married.

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Anonymous said...

Simple and sweet :)

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